Auckland October Regional Event

CYBERCRIME - sophisticated and fast-moving.
How it impacts NZ and what intelligence can do to combat the threat.

Natasha McFlinn is the Senior Manager Fraud Strategy for ANZ Bank and a passionate fraud fighter. She is a Certified Fraud Examiner and has worked in fraud and investigative roles in the public and private sector throughout her career. She has watched as fraud has become increasingly organised and sophisticated, moving from lone wolves on single desktops to overseas criminal organisations utilising extensive networks and limitless resources. At this event she will share insights into the way this change is impacting New Zealanders and discuss what more we might do to combat these new threats.

We’ve all heard the scam horror stories and many of us are quick to brush these off in the knowledge that we’re savvier than those victims but what match are you for a criminal organisation who uses linguists, hackers and lawyers to specifically target you? Natasha will talk through some of the social engineering techniques that cybercriminals are using to target victims and what we’re likely to see in the coming years.

These types of crimes are no different in that intelligence sharing and interagency collaboration is key, especially in a fast moving technological world where new cybercrime typologies are emerging daily. The session will explore how agencies are working together to prevent and detect these financial crimes and what you can do to help, and to protect yourself.

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