Intelligence Awards

The NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards are an annual event where we celebrate the wealth of talent and diversity within the New Zealand intelligence community that has contributed to the continuing potential and achievements of the sector.

The 2018 NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards is on Wednesday 29 August 2018. For more information, visit the conference website here.

Nominations have now closed. The nominees will be announced soon.


Award categories are:

Intelligence Training Award: This award will look to recognise an agency, team or person who has made noteworthy advances to the state of intelligence training in NZ.

Intelligence Community Award: This award would look to recognise an agency, team or individual who has made recognised and notable advances in building on and developing the level of engagements between Intelligence Professionals across the country.

Innovation in Intelligence Award: This award recognises an agency, team or person responsible for noteworthy innovation in one or more of the fields of collection, analysis or report.

Developing the Practitioner Award: This award looks to recognise the Manager or the Organisation that has shown and grown outstanding support for intelligence careers and intelligence professionals, with the award including those nominated as a commercial entity.

Practitioner Achievement Award: This award recognises the development and growth of Intelligence Professionals within the community and is aimed at recognising those that have provided direct, insightful or notable contribution to their team, agency or area.

2018 Guest Speaker

We are very excited to announce our guest speaker for the 2018 NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards – superdiversity and public law expert Mai Chen.

Currently the Adjunct Professor at University of Auckland, School of Law and a Managing Partner of Chen Palmer, Mai is one of New Zealand’s top lawyers with 30 years of legal experience.

A highly accomplished professional, Mai has engaged across the board on diversity and change in New Zealand.

In 2015, Mai wrote the inaugural “Superdiversity Stocktake: Implications for Business Government and New Zealand”, assessing the impact of New Zealand’s ethnic superdiversity for business, government and citizens.

Mai was also in the top 50 Diversity Figures in Public Life in the Global Diversity List 2016 (supported by The Economist).

As Chair of the Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business, Mai is a passionate, experienced and sought-after speaker on diversity and change.

At our Awards Night, she will be sharing some of her extensive learnings and insights with us, and presenting our new awards to their winners.

For Mai’s full biography, visit here.


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