October Christchurch Regional

Wide area satellite surveillance trial by NMCC

During June – August 2018 the National Maritime Coordination Centre ran two satellite cross-cueing trials with Canadian company MAXAR Technologies and their subsidiary companies MDA Corporation and Digital Globe.  The trial was undertaken to evaluate how radar and optical satellite coverage could be utilised as another tool in maintaining Maritime Domain Awareness around New Zealand and her approaches.  This presentation talks briefly about the tasking process and then about the results from day 23 of the first trial.

Euan is currently the Maritime Intelligence Officer at the National Maritime Coordination Centre (NMCC).  He began with NZ Customs in 2005 and subsequently joined the Intelligence Community in 2006 when offered an Intelligence Analyst role.  During his time at Customs Euan has held a number of intelligence roles which have predominantly centred around maritime and compliance functions.  Most memorably were the seven years as the lead analyst for the Mass Arrivals Joint Intelligence Group (MAJIG).  The MAJIG was the whole of government Intelligence function led by NZ Customs.  Prior to beginning his current role at the NMCC Euan was the Customs LO to the National Intelligence Centre, based at the Police National Headquarters.  This role was expanded to incorporate the NZ Customs placement in the newly formed Gang Intelligence Centre, also based at PNHQ.