Diversity and Inclusion Work Programme

What is the Diversity and Inclusion Work Programme about?

The ‘Diversity and Inclusion Work Programme’ is NZIIP’s key strategic initiative to develop a better appreciation and understanding of, and capability relating to, diversity and inclusion in New Zealand’s intelligence sector.

‘Diversity’ was a key area of desired impact identified in NZIIP’s 2020 strategic planning day. This grew out of the development of a refreshed, future-focused strategy for NZIIP. The outcome was a better representation of our role in and relationship to the intelligence sector. With a refreshed strategy, NZIIP is better positioned to positively and purposefully contribute in our role as a sector-wide, not-for-profit organisation for professionals in intelligence and intelligence-related roles.

What has been achieved so far?

To begin this journey, three pieces of work have been completed to date. This first phase, ‘Acknowledge’, which aims to recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion, helps us to build an appreciation and understanding of it in relation to the intelligence profession and professional. The key deliverable in this phase is the NZIIP Diversity and Inclusion Survey. You can check these documents out at the bottom of this page.


1. NZIIP Scoping Research: Written Assessment

The Written Assessment was produced to present the findings from a research project where a series of interviews were conducted to determine the core requirements for the Diversity and Inclusion Survey. 21 intelligence professionals across a variety of agencies and roles were interviewed in this process, with an indication of survey requirements and questions.


2. NZIIP Position Paper: Developing Diversity and Inclusion

Building on the Written Assessment and bridging towards delivering the survey, a strategic position paper was researched and written. This was designed to assist us in identifying opportunities for meaningful commitment, contribution, and change by NZIIP regarding diversity, inclusion, and intelligence practice in NZ.

The paper aimed to clarify the intention behind the work and why it matters, connect the work to the context of delivery of the survey within NZIIP and NZ, and align aspiration with action to propose a framework of understanding around diversity and inclusion.


3. NZIIP Diversity and Inclusion Survey

As the important first milestone in our strategic focus on diversity and inclusion, the survey was designed, developed, and delivered to better understand the intelligence sector’s relationship with this important kaupapa. Delivered through Colmar Brunton to ensure independence and rigour, the survey will inform on an ongoing basis, the actions NZIIP will take to improve the inclusiveness and diversity of the sector.

What is next?

NZIIP officially released and presented the results of survey at our annual conference, ‘Participation, Partnerships, and Protection in the Intelligence Profession’, in October 2021. We also published our initial response to the survey, which reaffirms our commitment to meaningful mahi (work) and focuses our efforts on the three ‘Rs’ of Research, Relationships, and Role. Check it out below.

In our upcoming strategic planning day, NZIIP will be generating a road-map to communicate our next steps. So stay tuned!