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The Intelligence Profession in New Zealand is vibrant and growing. As the demand for insight and foresight by decision-makers has grown in relation to the pace and complexity of the world in which we live, so too has the demand for intelligence.

Once considered an arcane niche, intelligence is now mainstream. Virtually every public and private sector entity now boasts an intelligence capability, with the attendant number of practitioners growing year-on-year.

With this growth has come the realisation that the profession needed a professional body. The New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals was established in 2008 with the foundational aim of fostering collaboration amongst New Zealand’s intelligence community. It was understood by those involved that there needed to be more opportunities for those working in the industry to unite, share insights, and build collective expertise.

To ensure that the Institute is supporting its members and the industry in this aim, the Board holds an annual strategic planning day. This is an opportunity to rigorously evaluate the actions and achievements of the Institute over the previous twelve months. Such reflection is not just a measure of accountability; it’s our commitment to ensuring that our endeavours are aligned both to our role and to the needs of the intelligence sector. Our focus on placing our mahi within the broader context of New Zealand’s intelligence landscape enables us to serve our members more effectively and purposefully.

New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals Strategy

New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals Strategy

Our Vision

Our vision is to for the intelligence sector to be seen as a highly connected and respected profession in Aotearoa, attracting the brightest talent, with decision-makers at all levels actively seeking engaging with industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the intelligence profession and represent intelligence professionals. Our members work in intelligence and intelligence-related roles across the public and private sectors, including within the fields of national security, defence, law enforcement, regulation, business, academia and information technology. We are the only sector-wide, not-for-profit organisation supporting this diverse range of professionals across the issues.


Our purpose is to enhance whanaungatanga, confidence and pride in our profession. We aim to do this by providing opportunities for participation in industry events, by seeking partnerships with organisations who support our members, and by protecting both the people and the standards which together form the basis of our profession.

Our Board members’ efforts are centred around three fundamental pillars:

  • Advocacy. We actively address the challenges facing the sector, providing our members with critical insights and a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape in which we operate.
  • Standards. We are committed to leading the development of industry-wide standards that are pivotal in ensuring that our people understand what is required to be efficient and effective within their roles. Transparency around these standards will foster a climate of trust and reliability from both the decision-makers we serve, and the wider public.
  • Kaitiakitanga. Our dedication to kaitiakitanga drives us to cultivate growth and progress throughout every tier of our profession. By devising and implementing tailored recruitment strategies, we strive to attract the brightest minds into our industry. We also place a strong emphasis on bolstering and enriching the abilities of those already employed within the sector, empowering them to realise their fullest potential.

Our Values

Our Values of D. I. R. E. C. T. reflect and reinforce our Vision, Purpose, and Mission, as well as guide us in the services we provide to our members, the role we have within the sector, and the relationships we build, maintain, and grow.

Diversity: We are staunch advocates for inclusion and equity, championing a multifaceted intelligence community.

Integrity: Professional and ethical standards are the cornerstones of our conduct.

Respect: We are committed to protecting rights and advocating with fairness and justice.

Excellence: Our support for advancement and innovation drives the sector forward.

Connect: Building and enhancing relationships is at the heart of what we do, both for individuals and the community at large.

Trust: Building confidence and credibility is fundamental to fostering effective partnerships and networking.

NZIIP’s contributions to the Intelligence Sector

Through the recent publication of the Intelligence Practitioner’s Handbook and the Code of Ethics, NZIIP is leading the way in intelligence practice in New Zealand. Further, our Annual Conference provides practioners with an opportunity to discuss what good looks like in intelligence practice, as well as what is required to meet the demands of our future security, regulatory, enforcement, regulatory, and economic environment. And through the NZIIP Annual Awards, we celebrate the very best in intelligence practice from across New Zealand, recognising excellence in individual practitioners, leaders, teams, and organisations.

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