About Us

At NZIIP’s 2020 strategic planning day, we developed a refreshed, future-focused strategy to better represent our role in and relationship to the intelligence sector. In undertaking this, we aimed to ensure that our new Vision, Purpose, Mission, and Values better defines and aligns our mahi (work) within the context and practice of intelligence in New Zealand to strive for a future of excellence.

The new strategy was presented at the 2021 Annual General Meeting to our members, who voted to adopt it for the coming years. With this refreshed strategy (below), NZIIP is better positioned to positively and purposefully contribute in our role as a sector-wide, not-for-profit organisation for professionals in intelligence and intelligence-related roles.



Our vision is aconnected and skilled intelligence community” in New Zealand.

As the only sector-wide, not-for-profit organisation specifically dedicated to the intelligence profession, NZIIP aspires to foster community in the intelligence sector to contribute to delivering on and developing its potential.



Our purpose is to “enable excellence for individuals or organisations with intelligence or intelligence-related roles/services.”

NZIIP aims to provide space and opportunity for intelligence professionals and organisations in New Zealand to enhance and advance excellence in intelligence.



Our mission is to “grow and connect the intelligence professional and profession through participation, partnerships, and protection.”

We exist to provide a range of benefits to our members who work in intelligence and intelligence-related roles across the public and private sectors, including within the fields of national security, defence, law enforcement, compliance, business, academia and information technology.


  • We encourage our members and the sector to grow by participating in training events and other spaces that develop skills, knowledge, and experience across and within the sector.


  • We facilitate our members and the sector to develop in partnership by connecting with each other at networking events and with disciplines and cultures outside the profession.


  • We enable our members and the sector to actively engage and contribute to protect the practice and principles of our profession through focus groups and forums to address challenges we face, including initiatives that address barriers in pathways to and within the profession.



Our Values of D. I. R. E. C. T. reflect and reinforce our Vision, Purpose, and Mission, as well as guide and are reflected in the services we provide to our members, the role we have within the sector, and the relationships we build, maintain, and grow.

Diversity: We champion diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Integrity: We uphold professional and ethical standards.

Respect: We protect rights and advocate fairly.

Excellence: We support advancement and innovation.

Connect: We enhance connections, individually and as a community.

Trust: We build trust to enable partnership and networking.



Our Members

NZIIP members are intelligence professionals from a wide variety of organisations across public and private sector.

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Our Launch

The NZIIP was officially launched in August 2008 at its Inaugural Annual Conference held at Te Papa museum, Wellington, with the New Zealand Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Helen Clark, delivering the opening address.