Intelligence Awards

The NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards are an annual event where we celebrate the wealth of talent and diversity across the New Zealand intelligence community that has contributed to the continuing potential and achievements of the sector. These awards are means of recognising outstanding contributions to single agencies, across the intelligence sector, as well as outstanding performance as a new member, experienced practitioner or manager, as nominated by colleagues and superiors.

The NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards Categories

Classified Recognition Award

To ensure inclusion across the intelligence sector, this category recognises those who cannot receive public recognition, due to their role or situation having to be discussed only in a secure environment. Nominees can be entered in any of the below categories and will be assessed against the same criteria.  Nominations are made direct to the NZIIP Committee and if successful, will be presented to the appropriate agency head.

Emerging Leader Award

This category recognises the exceptional performance of a member of the New Zealand intelligence sector in the early stage of their career, who is not necessarily appointed a leader. An Emerging Leader is someone who has demonstrated leadership, capability, and potential


  • An intelligence collector, analyst, or leader below the age of thirty-five
  • Demonstrates exceptional capability in their role
  • Demonstrates exceptional dedication in their role
  • Role models leadership behaviours
  • Inspires others to work collaboratively

Intelligence Leader Award

This category recognises a Supervisor, Manager or Organisation that has shown outstanding support for, and grown, intelligence capability. It recognises the performance of intelligence sector leaders responsible for developing teams, managing process, growing capability, and leading intelligence support to decision making. This could be in a permanent role or short-term capacity.


  • Demonstrates dedication to growing capability within a team or organisation
  • Demonstrates strategic and future-focused thinking
  • Demonstrates a commitment to innovation
  • Demonstrates a commitment to long-term learning
  • Applies, organises, or employs intelligence professionals to further an organisation’s objectives and inform decision making.

Innovation in Intelligence Award

This category recognises an agency, team or person responsible for noteworthy or outstanding innovation in one or more of the fields of collections, analysis, reporting or leadership.


  • Showcases initiatives that are taking an inventive approach to navigating a complex and changing external environment.
  • Shared innovation or learnings across team/agency/profession to enable a broad and sustained capability uplift
  • Innovation success has had an impact broader than that of just the individual
  • Innovation success has impacted on the ability of intelligence to inform decision making

Intelligence Training Award

This category recognises an agency, team or person who has made outstanding contributions to intelligence training.


  • Demonstrates commitment to intelligence training
  • Demonstrates commitment to mentoring and the potential of others
  • Makes a unique and innovative contribution to the delivery of learning.
  • Demonstrates exceptional skills in learning and development, quality of delivery, and meeting business needs
  • Demonstrated results and success in training

The Oli Harper Award for Inter-Agency Excellence

In keeping with the spirit of the late Oli Harper, this category recognises an individual or team who has made notable contributions in developing inter-agency cohesion and/or enabling broader successes for intelligence professionals, resulting in more integrated and efficient agency outputs.


  • Demonstrated examples of driving best practice, collaboration, or co-operation across agencies.
  • Notable effort to find new and improved ways of collecting and/or producing quality intelligence and/or developing processes.
  • Shows dedication to inter-agency and all-of-Government approaches
  • Builds and maintains relationships across agencies that enhance the mana of the home agency and contribute to successful intelligence impact of both agencies.

Practitioner Achievement Award

This award recognises the development and growth of professionals in the New Zealand intelligence community and recognises those who have provided direct, insightful or notable contributions to their team, agency or area. This award is intended to recognise the greatest achievement by an individual in New Zealand’s intelligence sector.


  • Effectiveness in coordinating the planning of intelligence support
  • Effectiveness in processing information into intelligence
  • Sophistication and diligence in the use of collections or analytical techniques in support of their work
  • Intelligence output has had a significant impact on decision making
  • Providing tactical, operational or strategic coverage to areas not previously served or served adequately

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