Why become a member?

NZIIP membership offers you more opportunities to build your professional networks, to learn and share knowledge, and to contribute to making the intelligence profession the best that it can be. Although many of our meetings are open to anyone, we also host members-only events, particularly when either classification or venue size means that restrictions need to be applied.

Within the members area of this website, there is a community forum, a jobs board, details of training opportunities and easy access to external resources that are beneficial to intelligence analysts. The Institute subsidises or sponsors training courses for our members to encourage cross-agency networking and learning. Members also receive regular member-only communications, and get discounted rates for the annual conference.

Existing members

If you are an existing member, and this is the first time you have visited our refreshed website, then you will need to create a new account. If your membership is currently being sponsored by an organisation, please select that option on the application form, otherwise select the existing member option.

As you will have already been verified, you will not have to repay a verification fee. In the supporting notes section, please provide any information that would allow us to find your record, including any previous names or email addresses you might have used to register.

New membership applications

Full details of the rules and rights of each category can be found below. Applications can take up to 20 working days to process as our volunteers will need to independently verify each application. Upon successful acceptance as a member, you will be invited to pay your annual fee and register for a members account.

It should be noted that some organisations sponsor NZIIP membership for their employees. In this case, you should have been informed of this through your organisations internal communications. If you are unsure if your organisation is enrolled in the sponsorship scheme, please contact our membership coordinator, who will put you in touch with the relevant person if applicable.

All applications should be aware that NZIIP is required to maintain a record of membership applications, as well as current and former members, to meet legislated requirements stated within the Incorporated Societies Act 2022.

Membership of the Institute is a privilege and not a right, and the Institute is not bound to accept any applicant for membership. The Committee is entitled to reject any application for membership if it determines that the grant of membership to the individual or entity in question would not be in the best interests of the Institute. There is no right of appeal from the Committee’s decision.

Individuals who apply to join the Institute will be required to pay a one-off $50 joining fee and will need to submit evidence of their eligibility in accordance with the categories laid out below.

Full Membership Associate Membership Student Membership
Definition Currently employed or have previously served in an intelligence role in a government agency. A person who does not meet the eligibility requirements for full membership, but who can prove an association with the industry. Students enrolled full-time studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification at a New Zealand university.
Evidence Requirements A letter of confirmation from line manager or supervisor A Curriculum Vitae
A letter of recommendation from current NZIIP member
Official confirmation of enrolment letter issued by a New Zealand University
Annual Fee $100 $80 $50

Individual Membership Types

Full Membership

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for full membership of NZIIP a person should be currently employed or have previously served in an intelligence role in a New Zealand government agency. A confirmation letter from a line manager/supervisor must be submitted alongside your application.

Voting Rights

Full members will be authorised to both stand for and vote in NZIIP elections, and will be authorised to use the post-nominal MNZIIP.

Associate Membership

Eligibility Requirements

A person who does not meet the eligibility requirements, but who can prove an association with the intelligence profession, may be granted associate membership. Evidence of association can be via referral of a current or previous NZIIP member, or by submission of a CV.

Voting Rights

Associate members do not possess voting rights or the right to seek elected office. Associate members with three years of good standing in the Institute may, at the discretion of the NZIIP Committee, be awarded full membership. Requests for membership upgrade should be sent to membership@nziip.org.nz

Student Membership

Eligibility Requirements

Students currently studying an approved academic course of study can apply for 12 months free membership. You should include proof of course enrolment and a confirmation letter of course attendance from one of your tutors. The free membership offer concludes after 12 months. After that time, students can apply for student rates whilst they remain enrolled on an approved course.

Voting Rights

Student members do not possess voting rights or the right to seek elected office. They may apply for the annual NZIIP internship.


The Committee reserves the right to award life membership to any individual in recognition of that persons contribution to the intelligence community. This contribution could be recognition of an individuals service to the intelligence community within New Zealand or internationally, or to NZIIP itself.

Eligibility Requirements

Awarding of ‘Fellow’ of the Institute shall require:

  • that a nomination be brought to the Committee at least 28 days prior to the NZIIP Annual Conference and Awards Night;
  • that a nomination is scored in accordance with the NZIIP Awards Process, and achieves at least 75% of the overall score;
  • a unanimous vote of Committee members present at that Committee meeting.

Voting Rights

A Fellow of the Institute has the same voting rights as a Full Member, but is not required to pay an annual membership fee. A Fellow is authorised to use the post-nominal FNZIIP.

Organisation Sponsored Memberships

Organisations can apply for memberships for employees who meet full membership criteria. These memberships can be reassigned to a new employee at any time during the membership year. To access these discounts, the organisation must maintain an internal membership administrator. The organisation's membership administrator will have the authority to reassign membership from one representative to another when the new members applies to NZIIP.

Number of memberships Fees per person
5-9 individuals $95
10-14 individuals $90
15-19 individuals $85
20+ individuals $80