Practitioner’s Handbook

In 2008, when the New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals was founded, one of the aspirations of the Institute was to assist in setting national standards for the profession. In 2023 we stepped towards delivering on that aspiration with the publication of the Intelligence Practitioners Handbook.

The Intelligence Practitioners Handbook is not prescriptive, nor directive. Instead, it offers a high-level guide which provides a basis to develop a shared understanding of our profession, including its ethical and tradecraft fundamentals. In other words, the Handbook provides a framework on which other, more detailed and specific intelligence practice can be built.

The Handbook also recognises the unique characteristics of intelligence in Aotearoa New Zealand, which is best reflected in the ethical framework established in the handbook. The Handbook has been built with the intention of blending mātauranga Māori and principally Western conceptions of intelligence practice in a manner appropriate to a New Zealand context.

Finally, while the Handbook is designed to capture and reflect the enduring nature of our profession, it is also a living document – intended to be updated in line with changes that occur in our professional context.

NZIIP Intelligence Practitioner’s Handbook